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Biblical Advice For Successful Marriage (Part 1)

(From the Book Titled “THE WHOLE ARMOUR OF MARRIAGE” by Esther ‘Wumi Ogunleye)

There are lots of ways by which you can have a successful marriage. We have human resources like parents, friends, neighbours who could be useful or otherwise. However, the best advice you can get is from God Himself as you pray, and from the Bible (The Word of God). The Bible is a wonderful guide that God has given us to help us live a perfect love life in Marriage.

The Bible contains:

     • The mind of God;
     • The state of Man;
     • The way of Salvation;
     • The doom of sinners; and
     • The happiness of believers.

The doctrines therein are holy, its precepts binds, its histories are true and its decisions are immutable.

     • If you can read it, you will be wise.
     • If you believe it, you will be saved.
     • If you practice it, you will be holy.

The Bible contains:

     • Light to direct you;
     • Food to support you; and
     • Comfort to cheer you.

The Bible is:

     • Traveler’s map;
     • Pilgrim’s staff;
     • Pilot’s compass;
     • Soldier’s sword; and
     • Christian’s character.

It is in this Holy Book that:

     • Paradise is restored;
     • Heaven is opened; and
     • The gates of hell disclosed.

     ♥ Jesus Christ is the grand subject of Bible;
     ♥ Our good is the design; and
     ♥ The Glory of God is its end.

This word should:

     • Fill the memory;
     • Rule the heart; and
     • Guide the feet.


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